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A special tribute to the craft of hairdressing. 

Designed with rounded teeth the Limited Edition 14K gold-plated professional Cutting Comb is perfect for precise cutting. The comb is designed according to the highest quality standards. The Cutting Comb is made with wide teeth for low tension and fine teeth for precision control, which is perfect for short hair, medium hair and long hair. 

  • 14 karat gold plated
  • Straight teeth for precision work

Please note: This comb has been plated with 14 carat gold - meaning it is not just a varnish. However as with all fine jewellery, this comb will naturally and slowly tarnish. To bring back its original lustre and shine, simply polish using an appropriate soft cloth and cleaning agent. If you do not have any gold jewellery polish, toothpaste works wonders! Avoid wetting or leaving your comb exposed to moisture for prolong periods of time as this may cause your comb not to last as long as you would like.

Use the comb for detangling light tangles, styling and as a cutting aid.

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